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About Dental Ariston

About Dental Ariston

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Dental Ariston, the definition of private dentistry.

All these years, Dr. Papagrigorakis has fulfilled his pledge for pain/stress-free dentistry delivering high quality and predictable results. The secret is developing a special relationship with every visitor of the practice, devoting time for every appointment and each case and continuous education.

Dr. Papagrigorakis, with his versatility and finest taste in smile designing, together with Dr. Martinis, famous for his highest success rate surgeries and precision continue to create happy smiles even for the most challenging cases. The secret is the same, personalized approach, time, continuous education.

Dr. George Papagrigorakis is a Greek dentist working in London. He qualified at the University of Athens in Greece, after which he moved to the UK to practice dentistry in Manchester for three years. After this, he took postgraduate studies at the world’s oldest dental school at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, USA. He now practices at Dental Ariston which is located in Harley Street, central London.

Dr. George is qualified in all aspects of general dentistry and specialises in cosmetic and restorative procedures. In particular, he has extensive experience in periodontology and is accomplished at performing complex surgical procedures. He is also a skilled practitioner in implantology and endodontics. He has been at the forefront of developing totally pain- and stress-free procedures and makes sure all of his treatments are absolutely painless where possible.

Dr. George trained at the University of Athens in Greece and the University of Maryland in Baltimore and has over 10 years of experience practicing dentistry in the UK. He is an expert in endodontics and implantology, as well as being qualified to perform all aspects of general dentistry. Since he knows the pain and stress people often feel when visiting the dentist, Dr. George has been at the forefront of developing absolutely pain and stress-free procedures.

As a skilled pianist, Dr. George has developed great precision and dexterity with his hands, which comes in handy when performing dental procedures. He also uses his love of music to create a relaxing atmosphere in the surgery, using soothing piano music to set his patients’ minds at rest for the most comfortable experience possible.

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Dr. George Papagrigorakis

D.D.S. Athens 2005, G.D.C. 101282

Dr. George Papagrigorakis is a member of the British Dental Association with 10 years of experience in cosmetic & restorative dentistry. He graduated as a qualified dentist from the University of Athens in Greece. After moving to the UK and having practiced general dentistry for 3 years in Manchester, he decided to further his expertise through postgraduate.

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Edward Mays

Mr Papagrigorakis is a highly experienced, careful, and empathetic dentist. I have had both standard fillings and cosmetic work done at his surgery, and am highly satisfied with the results. He is also very friendly and makes sure your experience ...is pain-free! Value for money and thorough dental maintenance. Thanks, George!*

Konstantinos Malamidis

I am a new patient of Dr Papagrigorakis and my experience was wonderful (extraction, whitening, fillings). Everything was painless and went well. His medical expertise combined with his genuine interest in the patient's comfort and well-being has convinced me from the ...very beginning and still never ceases to impress me. His positivity and spirit can really make your day, truly a professional. Highly recommended!*

Chrisa Chatzisavva

I am a loyal customer of Dr. Papagrigorakis. Besides the excellent service, reasonable pricing and amazing building, his positivity and spirit completely change your mood even if you're having a bad day! Highly recommended!*